Your Kirby Workspace

I like the topic where Kirby-users “describes” them self.

So I decided to took it to another level; describe your workspace.

I mean… I guess we all have our workspace which we enter every day… open the door, turn on your machine(s), sit down, relax… and start coding :stuck_out_tongue:

So the image above is my workspace… I work as a freelance developer for about 25 years now, and I work from home; I do not have an office, or something like that.

My workspace is in the cellar below my house (no daylight there…) and I work on a PC I bought in 2003, or so… the machine is still going and doing (very!) strong.

I have about 100 project per year (design, development, coding, illustration, animation, etc…) and the picture above show the workspace I use to create everything.

A simple set-up… one PC, two monitors, a weird ergonomic (Microsoft) keyboard and (Logitech) mouse…

I don’t like paper, so I destroy all papers; even my own (original art-work) is burned when I’ve drawn it;

I draw a comic (pen, ink, pencil, paper), scan / digitize it and then destroy the original;

100% paperless office for me :slight_smile:

(the papers on my desk you see are invoices, I’ll scan and burn them this very week).

- edit - Sometimes the cellar is flooded by water; so I don’t have a carpet over there… just a solid floor made out of concrete :slight_smile:

I am very interested in the workspace of other Kirby users!

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Thats my Little Workspace :blush:


  • Computer: LENOVO H30-05
  • Keyboard: (its the LENOVO Keyboard) But i’m using The Skiller Pro :blush:
  • Mouse: Lenovo Mouse
  • Screen: Acer S271HLAbid

its Enough For me as a Teenager :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You all work in the dark, don’t you? :wink:

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It was intentional @lukasbestle Because The Lights :blush: But yes, i like work in the dark :smiley:

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We adopt to Kirby’s color-scheme… dark and green :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe more users like to work in the Dark ? :smiley:. We will see it :wink:

I’d get depressed real quick working in the dark like you two guys :worried:


Can not react now; my coffin is closing soon.

Will be back at midnight.


Isn’t always this clean but I try to maintain a workspace with as few distractions as possible. 13" MacBook Pro


I think the Most users here uses Apple, Because Apple is The Best For Working, For a Couple Times i have Used Linux (Netrunner) (Ubuntu) (Kubuntu), but i have changed to Windows :slight_smile:

Whenever I can, I work from a country house…


And I’m also trying out the standing desktop thingy but I haven’t invested a dime in it as you can see :slight_smile:

When I’m home I have a 24 inch screen and my setup is pretty bland… It just works :slight_smile:


Like this topic. Love the @corygibbons style (I could have bet my shirt on your workspace being super minimal).
My desk looks like this at the moment:

My 13" Mac Book Pro is both my primary coding monitor and my keyboard and is attached to a 29" ultrawide Dell monitor (although I’ll probably move away from the single 29 and go with a dual 27 in the future).

I work on the last floor of the house under the roof which serves as both studio for my brother and myself and as living room and is fairly spacious

I agree with @texnixe on the light, working in the dark is really hard for me as well even though I sometimes appreciate it.
The good part of my setup is that I live and work in a fairly remote location and this place is usually super quite (which helps a lot) and has a really nice view that I can enjoy all day long since is always present behind my monitor

(and when you want to take a break you can relax on the roof :grin:)


I like to work in a clean white environment. :slight_smile:



I totally missed this thread and enjoy it quite a lot. It would be cool to see even more workspaces. I’m working on our dinner table for the last couple months in preparation for our move. The apartment we are living in is getting too small for the growing family :slight_smile: I will post some pics as soon as the new office is ready.


Well, I just noticed I can beam my phone wireless to my tablet - and take development to another level :stuck_out_tongue:

The tablet works with Sublime / Notepad / Visual Studio / etc… and the phone can be used as a trackpad / keyboard.

So I now have my private little portable-workspace :slight_smile:

Okay, it’s too small… I confess.

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Yeah - well, the reason I work in the dark, is because I am over sensitive for (to?) sun-light.

I can only work in daylight with sunglasses and I can not do that, because of color-correction / -callibration.

So I work in the dark, with my monitors dimmed to about 15% of normal brightness.

No problem - but that’s the reason :slight_smile:

a little upgrade of my little workspace :smiley:

now it looks a bit cleaner, and always in the darkness :blush:

and yes its a suitcase under my screen :joy:

Guess we have the same monitor stand…

Our set-up is not half as clean as the code that Kirby produces… but, hey - it works!

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my big screen is from acer, and my another one from siemens :blush:

i like your setup :smiley: !