Kirby 2.4.0 is here and it comes with a surprise :)

After many of you already followed the betas for the new release, 2.4.0 is finally here!

I don’t want to spend too much time over here to introduce the new version. Just head over to the change log for all the details: and then make sure, not to miss the surprise: :slight_smile:

We really hope you like it!! Any kind of feedback is appreciated :tada:


great work!!. i really looking forward to that Project :smiley: !

Quick note.
I can add it to git if you prefer but I’m note sure in which of the various repos this belongs to.

The panel version is now 2.4.0 but the package.json says 2.2.0 and also the version of the panel included in the starter and plainkit still have the old 2.4.0 beta 2 label

Also a fresh install of the new plainkit says

Toolkit version: 2.4.0 beta 2
Kirby version: 2.4.0 beta 2
Panel version: 2.4.0 beta 2

Even though I see the repo has been updated just a few hours ago :wink:

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I’m really sorry. Should be fixed now.

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Sorry for what? For being an awesome guy who’s developed an awesome cms?
Keep being sorry if that’s the case ahah


With panel permissions kirby seems extremly mature. I mean ive been using it for three years and it has come a long way.

I wonder though - do you have any ideas for improvements? Is there any roadmap somewhere? Thx


Thanks for the kind feedback.

We just had a team skype call and talked about the next steps and the roadmap is huge. We get so much valuable feedback from the community, that it’s not really about running out of ideas, but more about what to focus on first :slight_smile: Many already know that we are pretty secretive about our roadmap. It’s all about not making promises we can’t keep in the end. Our main goal for now is to get to a more reliable and shorter update cycle. It took us exactly 3 months from 2.3.2 to 2.4, which is not too bad. But we still can do better here.


I really love the new design of the starterkit. Well done! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Looking forward to using new features in my future projects!

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:heart: the new 2.4.0 Starterkit. Lovely work! :smiley:


Kirby 2.4 is finally here! Great work! :slight_smile:


Maybe this is kind of an unstructured roadmap:

This might be even more interesting:

Don’t take those labels and milestones too seriously. The idea label just means that it is an idea, not necessarily one that will be implemented in the near future. The milestones are not fixed.

I mis the old starterkit - because it had a nice error / typo in it…

The forest picture was always spelled as forrest - and I realy thought that was funny for all those years :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m really sorry that we removed that typo. We introduced new ones just for you. You only have to find them :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it like all your code are belong to us in the command line, when I hit the F12 / Developers Console?

We now have a live demo of the new starterkit:


In the new kits (starterkit, langkit) I found an old error again:

Look at site\templates\project.php, where we have to change

        <?= $page->date('Y', 'year') ?>

to something like

        <?= $page->year() ?>

If you look e.g. at you see the actual year and not the contents of the year field from the panel (2014).

Some things love to stick :slight_smile:

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I usually write:

echo $page->modified('Y');