Kirby - the sound of music

In addition to the topic where Kirby users show off their workspace, I decided to start another topic.

Where Kirby is all about coding, coding is all about music.

So which music (if any) are you listening at, while coding the Kirby shizzle?

At this moment, I am coding and listening (almost real time - can you imagine) to those streams;


##Arch Enemy

And, yes, I am coding on a pc - maybe that explains the choise :stuck_out_tongue:

i hear music via spotify, and everytime i listening to Kollegah, hes a german rapper, or also to the Band Skillet :smiley:.

i recommend this songs from skillet:

and that is kollegah

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Kirby is rocking - literally.

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Kirby rocks whit music and whitout music :smiley:

I’m even listening to this piece of art…

And don’t forget;

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i also listening to the german rapper genetikk, but he doesent have songs in english :confused:. but i also love linkin park :slight_smile: !

Well, I do speak German - and I do like the lyrics of that rapper :slight_smile:

In the mean while, both The Stones and Cohen has left the building… entering…

###Breaking Bad

I feel like the Kirby community already knows how much I value music…


For all of you who like inspired sounds, soft electronic, ambiance and variety music, you should try OpenlabFM

I made a website with my spotify playlists.
This is basically what I listen 99% of the time.
It’s a mix of soft electronic, ambient and a bunch of other stuff


I’m a musician!

I believe I’m a designer, a programmer, a photographer, a photo manipulator, an SEO expert, a Kirby plugin developer… and a musician! :slight_smile:

I’m aware that the mixing of it really sucks and I had no budget for a music videos. Sorry about that. :wink:

10-20 year old music… Euro-dance germans has to enjoy some of this right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy listening to the same music over and over again when programming. It helps me concentrate on the code. My favorite tracks are Mixtapes 1-5 by Du Tonc and especially the ones (1, 2) by Eskmo. At some point, you know each note by heart. :wink:

I also have a nice album collection, but that’s more for surfing the web or answering emails.

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I tried to listen to Chiptune / 8-bit music - because I thought that would make my own coded bits and bytes better…

But actually, it made me extreme nervous - so I decided not to do that anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have some very valuable information to share. At 14.40 there is a song from @distantnative 's playlist.

I guess it’s time for some live sessions, streamed from the Kirby HQ, Germany.

With Bastian as Master of Ceremony and Jens as the main DJ, on stage :stuck_out_tongue:

O - and please, don’t forget the dancing ladies.

Btw. I listen most of the time to this streaming radio station;

It’s a live stream (or, semi-live) with lot’s of cool, funk, chill, down-tempo music.

I use AIMP to play it, but ofcourse WinAmp, VLC, etc… can also handle this types of URI.

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Wow really?, that makes me happy :smiley:

My go-to music for late night coding is anything by Biosphere, in particular the album Substrata, which has become a classic of ambient music.

2 Likes has also very good ambient streams.

One of my favorites is Mission Control, a mix of real footage from the Moon Missions, combined with random tracks…

Very hypnotic - when you code and listen at the same time…

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I was reading a Codrops Collective article that shares this interesting link to listen some good music for programming.