Welcome to the new Kirby Forum

The Kirby community is still small compared to something like Wordpress and yet you folks are doing an amazing job in supporting each other and coming up with new ideas, suggestions and discussions. The old forum worked for a while, but also missed quite a lot of substantial tools. So I decided to move to Discourse and invest some time and money to give back to the community and start with a new forum software that has everything you could ever wish for.

The move is not going to be super easy, as we will have to archive the old stuff and start from scratch here, but I’m sure it’s going to be worth it. The design for the new forum is also very much work in progress. I’m trying to make it less rough around the edges in the next days. If you find anything that looks especially bad or feels unusable, please let me know.

If you have some unsolved questions, please just ask them here again. This way we can also start fresh mostly focused on Kirby 2. I know that it has always been a problem that questions about Kirby 1 and Kirby 2 got mixed in the old forum. I think it’s going to be a lot easier here to seperate those versions.

I really hope you are happy with this step. Just post any kind of feedback here. I can’t wait to get this thing filled with some life.

Cheers, Bastian


Hey Bastian,

I think this will be a great step forward for growing the community and providing great support. I did like the old forum, especially using mardown/kirbytext but this is a good move. Thanks for all hard work!


Hey Josh,

I really hope so! It’s great to get such positive feedback about this step. It’s a bit tricky, so I can use all kinds of positivity around it :smile:

Cheers, Bastian

Hey Bastian,

yeah, I totally agree with @HYR, hope this move will make the Kirby community grow and prosper …

Keep up the great work.



Being a follower of several sites which use Discourse, I think this is a good move for Kirby as well. The tools that Discourse provides will make the Kirby forum much more effective. Good step!


Thanks so much for setting this up. Just yesterday I had a question that didn’t seem right for asking on twitter or github — wonderful to have a place to ask and also to answer questions. Happy to help!

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I’ve been keeping an eye on Discourse since its inception and it’s an amazing system. Excited to see Kirby take this step (even though the old forum was an awesome example of what’s possible with Kirby).

Hi Bastian,

Just out of curiosity, does this move have anything todo with te amount of data the old forum had to handle? The old, being a Kirby based (file based?) forum. I suppose it was a great testcase so any performance related stuff is interesting :slight_smile:


This is really awesome, @bastianallgeier. Thanks for setting it up, and looking forward to joining in the discussions … and can’t wait to see what the future brings for Kirby!

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Not at all! The old forum would have been able to grow further for quite a while. It was more about adding all kinds of real-time functionalities, notifications, etc. which would be doable, but would take a lot of time. I rather want to spend that time on improving Kirby and the panel instead of satellites like the forum.

Thanks and great and I agree, don’t reinvent the wheel :slight_smile: But I thought it was an interesting question to ask.

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I’ve asked in the past about sorting the forum posts by last activity timestamps. That is an important thing for a forum (and something I’ve always felt was holding the old forum back), so I’m glad to see you’ve gone about 50 steps beyond that with this move. It may not be custom/kirby… but it’s still seems like a viable solution, and doesn’t look too shabby.

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Hi @bastianallgeier, do you plan to reintroduce a “Jobs” section, just like the old forum had? From my experience, it was a great way to team up different Kirby community members.

Btw, I really like this new forum! It definitely rocks!

Just added the Jobs category!

My categories don’t show the new job category, but in new topics there was the description, and when writing a new topic, I can choose job.

Yes, it would be very nice and helpfull, if everybody can read the full version number of kirby for every topic of this forum.

These links are very helpfull in the old forum. Where can we find these now?

@bastianallgeier: What about displaying the Kirby/Panel Version numbers in the Panel Dashboard, e.g. in the footer, for easy reference?


In old forum we had “Code snippets” and “Extensions” subforums, but here they are gone! Did I miss something or those sections were outsourced somewhere else?

It’s called Solutions and Plugins here

I can’t seem to add any tags when I create a new topic.