Build a forum using Kirby

Is the Kirby CMS able to run Forums? I want a forums software and I need something that does not require MySQL.

In principle, yes; the old Kirby Forum was based on Kirby. But it depends on what you expect from a forum software. You would probably have to implement a lot a features yourself, like Twitter or Facebook authentication and the like.

The Forum runs on Discourse and uses a SQL database. PostgreSQL if I remember correctly.

The new one, yes. The old one runs on Kirby.
We decided to switch to Discourse because it offers a lot of features our self-built old forum didn’t have. The new forum improved discussion a lot.

So as Sonja said: You can build a forum with Kirby, but it is work. :slight_smile:
The old Kirby forum code should be archived in the Kirby site repository, maybe you can use it as a starting point.

i dont rly use Kirby For a Forum, i’m using MyBB its Free and Open Souce. or you can use Vanilla Forums Vanilla have to Versions,

  • Open Source
  • Or Self Hosted (Cloud Hosted i Think)

BUT, The Prices are Really Expensive

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Well, Vanilla is open source, only their hosting plans cost money. Just like with Discourse. :wink:

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@lukasbestle Well, i didnt have Experience whit Discourse :smiley:. but for me its MyBB Enough.
But i will Try Discourse in the next Times :slight_smile:

Both Vanilla and MyBB are MySQL-based solutions, though, and @damcclean doesn’t seem to be looking for a MySQL solution. Do you want no database at all or just not MySQL?

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As @texnixe said, these solutions all require a database. Vanilla, however, has one big advantage: it has been built so it can be embedded into an existing site - and can ‘blend in’ quite nicely with any site style. You can embed it into a single Kirby page, or have it as a separate ‘section’ of your site. Have a look at their documentation.

This would allow you to build your site normally using Kirby, and implement a Forum area using Vanilla.

you mean a Flat File Forum Software :confused:?. i’m not Sure Because if you use a flat file forum system (i think) all Posts and Threads or Comments Will be Save in a Sub-Folder. is That Not To Much ? After a Time?.

Maybe you can Find Here Some Stuff. Good Luck :slight_smile:

EDIT: you can use EsoTalk Too, it needs a Database BUT its Very Simple and Flexible :slight_smile:

@thesmithy The author of EsoTalk has announced that development has stopped, as they are now focusing on the new Flarum. Unfortunately, development is progressing at a snail’s pace - I’ve been watching them on GitHub without much substantial progress for many, many months…

@luxlogica WHAT?!:scream:, oh yeah i already hear about Flarum, but i dont Really Like Flarum Because at this moment you can install it whit Composer and i dont Like Composer :sweat_smile:.

I just tried Flatboard as flat file Forum to install easyly. As Kirby it does not requires any DB installation. Maybe it can still interest someone for minimalist easy to use forum.

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