Is it possible to add a forum to kirby?

Hello everyone!

We are searching a outsourced solution for a forum and ressource center (wiki) for some of our users.

Is it possible to add a forum to kirby (with widget or something else)?

Thanks for help!


Do you mean, completely integrate a forum with Kirby? As far as I know, there is no Kirby plugin. It might be possible to integrate e.g. Discourse (this forum runs on Discourse) via their API (like some Kirby blog posts integrate Discourse discussions).

Yeah, completely integrated. Anyway, thanks for your answer

I managed to integrate Kirby (paid, but self hosted) and Vanilla Forums (also self hosted, but 100% free) in one site (along with a Cordova-app for Windows and Android - but that’s not important in this thread).

Discourse is hip and happening, but extreme slow and heavy on low-end / shared-hosting solutions (and let’s be honest; not everyone can afford a dedicated server that hosts both a CMS and a forum).

So maybe, Vanilla is a nice forum solution… 'cause it’s plain… Vanilla (and with some custom css / cron-jobs and plug-ins a nice light-weight Discourse alternative).

I’ve about 1.000 unique users a day (using the forum / site / app) - and I know that’s not much, but I use Vanilla to discuss and like the idea I can change / adjust the DB every moment I like…

I recommend to take a look at Flarum but its in still in Beta!.
or you can try it whit MyBB, or as @1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW said Vanilla Forums.


Flarum is still in beta at this moment, but i already play a bit whit and its very awesome, the creator from Flarum is also the creator of [EsoTalk](, but he stopped developing on EsoTalk so he started a new Project and thats Flarum.


MyBB is also a cool software, you have a lots of features and many possibilities.

Vanilla Forums

Vanilla have two versions **Cloud Version** and also the **Self Hosted** version, i already played whit Vanilla and its pretty awesome its easy to use, but its hard to find a good software for a forum, many from my friends use VBulletin,XenForo, or Woltlab Burning Board but this three softwares are not Free!.

i hope you will find a solution for your Forum/Project

Well, the question asked is not so much about the ideal forum software, but how to integrate a forum with Kirby. So if you have any solutions (like a plugin) to share, that would be awesome :slight_smile:.


Yes youre right!, but i didnt know any soloutions :confused:, a plugin like BBPress would be cool for Kirby.

I did use the database for Vanilla, and the flat-file system for Kirby.

Integration was done with a cronjob, running once a hour…

So Kirby could parse the data from the database (using the build-in API for querying databases), which was “filled” by Vanilla.

I can not share the source-code, unfortunately.

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More discussion here:

The old Kirby-based forum code is available here:

And it seems it’s gonna be dead before it ever comes out of beta. Looks like nothing of any substance has happened in the repo for months.

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yes thats right, very weird :confused:

You could always use Discourse (which is what we’re using on this forum). Perhaps you could make use of their “Comprehensive API” to tie data together.

Update: Oops, missed that texnixe already mentioned Discourse. :slight_smile: