How to build a forum with Kirby?

Is there a built in forum, plug-in, or any plans to add the feature?


No, Kirby doesn’t have a built-in forum and I’m not aware of a forum plugin.

Hmm, i wonder how hard it would be to build a forum using Kirby.

We had a Kirby 2 based forum before we switched to using the Discourse service. But we switched for a reason, i.e. don’t reinvent the wheel.

Fair enough, but maybe you can make the wheel better. i shared some resources in my other thread, which i can’t link to here because Discourse says “You cannot link to that host.” Not sure if they mean github dot com or discourse dot org. Weird that those urls would be disallowed. Also inconsistent, since i shared links to github dot com and in my other thread.
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i want to provide my users with a forum, so if i build my site with Kirby, then i have to figure out what forum systems work best with Kirby. Maybe it doesn’t matter!

ok, i understand that it’s easier to use a hosted service. On the other hand, it might be cool to build it with Kirby so you can show users how easy it is to build a forum with Kirby. That might be a fun exercise for someone else in the Kirby community. (i would try if i didn’t have to focus on my website first).

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