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I am a newbie to Kirby CMS and I would like to convey my best wishes for a very successful time.

Did you know, there is a little font problem with Firefox rendering the icons - at least at my side. Can’t upload a screenshot but it looks like this: http://superuser.com/questions/446001/firefox-cannot-render-icons-from-font-awesome-webfont-set

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On my webside

no admin has such a problem using firefox. Only admins can see icons from this font here.

Your problem may be self made.

Look for your css files! Test it locally on your dev system, e.g. with XAMPP on windows!
If you see them within the panel, it is your css problem… . If not, it may be a problem with your server…

Good luck!

Where do you encounter that font rendering problem? Is that in the panel or when you try to use the icon font in the front end?

Do you have the same problem on the Kirby website or the font awesome website?

What browser version on what OS are you using?


Sorry for this misunderstanding.
The font rendering problem occurs on this website (forum.getkirby.com). For example, there is no icon rendered in this editor’s menu bar.

I am using the noscript extension in Firefox 37.0.1 but I allowed fonts to load into. I don’t have this issue on other websites or when using Chrome. Maybe there is something wrong with the CSS for Firefox.

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Well, first of all, your font rendering problem is not Kirby-related, because this forum is not based on Kirby.

I’d try disabling the extension (in my firefox browser, everything is fine) and check if it works then. This site relies heavily on Javascript so it’s probably a good idea to enable JS.

Alright, it had something to do with my HTTPS-Everywhere extension and fastly.net. Had to click “fastly.net (partial)” in its menu to see the icons.

@bastianallgeier Is there an archive of the old forum? There’s lots of knowledge there that doesn’t seem to be accessible anymore.

The old forum is fully accessible at the old URL, but read-only. :wink:

Today this link is redirected to the new forum.

The same link in the footer of the new forum has the same redirect.

How can I access the old forum with it content?

Now we find it at


"/archive" is added in the path!

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Just chiming in because it crossed my mind: Right now, it’s impossible to sign in without a Twitter account, because it’s a requested field. Would be cool, if this could be made optional.

Thanks for consideration!

You don’t need a Twitter account to sign in to this forum, you can just create a standard account with your email and password.

Well, it didn’t work for me. I was always prompted to fill out the Twitter account till I used the Github ident.

I just tested this with a new user and it worked perfectly fine … What exactly did you do?

Hmm … the same – Firefox always had some troubles with CDN-Assets, maybe it was something like that. I can recall trying this in Safari as well, though. Any, if it works now, it’s ok.

The Kirby community is still small compared to something like Wordpress and yet you guys are doing an amazing job […]

Why only guys?

I mean, I know at least to girls working with Kirby…

Maybe change to folks, or something else?

You are totally right. I just changed it!

For many years I’ve been told as a non-native speaker from many native speakers, that “guys” is a common term to describe any group of people, no matter if women or men or both. I read it in books and heard it in TV shows and movies and that’s pretty much how I learned to use that term.

I totally understand that it is offensive and want to unlearn it for quite a while. I’m sorry that it still sometimes slips into my sentences without me even noticing it. When English is not your first language it’s quite hard to get to a point where you can just communicate without thinking about every word. Once you are there it feels even more difficult to me to unlearn some of the stuff again that took so long to learn. But I’m definitely aware of it being a problem and if you ever come across another place where I use it unintentionally, please let me know.

No problem to read only “guys” for me (English isn’t my native language as well…).

But I thought "maybe there is a girl among us :stuck_out_tongue: " … and than it’s sad to read only about the boys.

It’s difficult to use “guys” correct - because it can, indeed, be gender-neutral;

But even than, you need a good knowledge of English, for using / inter-pretending it correct (which is not my strongest thing to do!). :slight_smile:

Wow, what’s there to say really? Using Kirby has been absolutely awesome. There’s just so much support and content already available here for me to read through! I’m really excited to use Kirby for my first project as a professional (officially graduating in April). I look forward to submitting my modest website to you all :slight_smile: Even though my web development experience is practically zero I’m really enjoying stumbling my way through this new CMS Kirby absolutely rocks.



So True :smiley: Kirby its Just Awesome :slight_smile: !, I Wish your Good Look Whit Your Project!!! :smile: