Welcome Sonja and Lukas

Many of you already have been in contact with @texnixe (Sonja) or @lukasbestle (Lukas) at least once in the last weeks and months. If you look at the forum they are basically everywhere :slight_smile: With the increasing activity here it got clear that this needs a professional moderation team. Since I have to focus on pro support and the development of Kirby it was never really possible for me to keep up with all your discussions and conversations here, which really was a shame. It feels great to know that Sonja and Lukas will now take over that role. In fact they have been doing this already for a long time, but now it’s official and that’s even better :slight_smile: Welcome on board!

β€” Bastian


I am sending you three my heartfelt thanks!
Flourish, grow and prosper Kirby!

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