Kirby 2.5.0 is here!

Long overdue and finally here! With tons of fixes and a couple great new additions, we decided to jump directly to 2.5.0. I don’t want to waste too much time talking about the details here and would like to send you directly to our changelog entry for that:

A huge thank you to @lukasbestle and @distantnative for their work on the new release!!

There are some organizational news I’d like to combine with this release though. For the first time in 5 years I decided to go full-time for Kirby starting at the beginning of this year. “full-time” is still interrupted by a couple tickets from older projects here and there and some Kirby-related consultancy jobs, but I never had more time for Kirby before and this is fantastic. It feels like the right thing to do and I can’t wait for the coming months. Careful readers probably wonder why it took so long to release 2.5.0 then. Well, I won’t spill the beans yet, but there’s something in the making… :slight_smile:

We also had a couple of changes going on in the team. @lukasbestle has decided that studying sounds like a good plan. While I’m happy for him, I’m really sad that he doesn’t have that much time left for Kirby anymore. We decided in the last weeks though that he will be focussing his free time completely on moving forward with bugfixes and smaller feature releases to restart a more healthy release cycle. It’s great that @distantnative is also coming back more regularly and helping us out in addition.

@texnixe released the 1st anniversary issue of Kirby Kosmos as you probably all know and is just continuing her wonderful work for the forum.

@fabianmichael is helping me with one of the secrets… shhhhh!

And then we have a new face joining the Kirby core team! Nils Riedemann aka @nocksock is a front-end developer from Hamburg, who I know for quite a while and I’m super happy that he said yes to help me with another secret. More soon. Welcome on board, Nils!

I’m really excited about those changes and additions and I can’t wait until we finally have a bit more to show you.

Finally, a word about Some of you might have noticed, that the site wasn’t being updated for quite a while. @DieserJonas has done a fantastic job running the site for years, but sometimes your plans in life change and he took a full time job at a startup and is no longer able to maintain it. He contacted us and offered to give us the domain and so we decided to take it over and redirect it to the plugins repository by @jenstornell and @aoimedia: Those of you, who’ve been looking for plugins in the past most likely stumbled over it. It’s a fantastic resource and Jens and John keep it up to date constantly. Let me use this chance to shout a huge thank you to Jens and John!

That’s it from us. We are always happy about your feedback and hope you enjoy 2.5.0

Bastian and the Kirby team.


there are so many promising projects in the wild, that are abandoned. I’m new to kirby and i’m happy to see it is constantly in development…

I’m not a developer, i’m not a coder, but kirby is that well documented, that i’m as a technically enthusiastic able to start my own kirby-site with advanced features. lucky me =)

Thx for your great work!


Once again, I must applaud Bastian and the Kirby team for another great set of sensible refinements. Passwordless login is a great step to support the Indie Web!

I’m excited for string templating in l::get() too!


Finally! :slight_smile:

I’m most interested in testing field groups, which I’ve been wanting for a long time. Hopefully a field group can have field definitions and field extends as well? I guess I need to try it out soon.

Deleting subpages with a page in the Panel is in some cases a really important feature, specially for some plugins. Like to try that out as well. It would improve the use of my revisions plugin a bit for example.

Then it’s all the little things that together makes a big impact on lots of things.

Nice work guys!


This was a very encouraging announcement! So glad to see there will be a more frequent release cycle and that Bastian is working full time on what’s next! In the meantime I’m looking forward to play with some of the new features and improvements in 2.5. Great job folks!