You are awesome!

Writing this post makes me wanna THANK YOU ALL for being such an awesome community.

There are plenty of forums on the web where answers like this are written on a daily basis …

  • „Maybe you should try to use Google before asking such a question!“
  • „This has been asked a thousand times before. You just need to search.“

But the this forum is different and I love the way you all try to do your best to solve other peoples problems. Always friendly and in a very constructive way.

Especially the support team around @texnixe and @lukasbestle does an amazing job. Special thanks for that!

It’s great how many plugins have been published in the last time. I think discussing ideas and giving feedback has a huge impact on the quantity and quality of available plugins!

Last but not least @bastianallgeier (and everybody involved in the development) who is always open for new ideas how to make Kirby a little bit better. It’s great to see how some ideas from the forum made it to Kirbys core.

Let’s try to keep things going like that!

”Let’s never take for granted the incredible, collaborative power of the web, and let’s continue sharing what we know.“ @brad_frost


@Thiousi also sums it up pretty well

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Let's share what we know, and know what we share.


What a motivation to start the day. I can’t even tell you all how grateful I am for the spirit in this community. Of course I agree that @lukasbestle and @texnixe are playing a big role here and I’m so lucky to have them in the team, but there are also so many people like you who constantly contribute their knowledge and help out wherever they can and this is really very special. I think that this community really has become a “core feature” of Kirby and maybe even the best one.

Thank you all!


I’m also Very Happy to be a Part From this Community :blush:, I have met many people here, and this is very inspiring !!. and sure i’m very Happy that ive found Kirby, and The Community of course :slight_smile:

I also like the Kirby Community. It will be always one of the biggest purchasing arguments for my clients.

Ever tried to get help in a Typo3 or Magento Forum? This “Community” doesn’t give good advices.
The people there are mostly unfriendly, betray own customers to buy the “enterprise” shit.
There knowledge should stuck in her throats.

big Kirby <3!


I agree!

I’m also using You need a thick skin to ask questions over there. They are very rude (yes, even more than me). The question is too broad, to narrow, duplicate or just not a good one in general. I get down votes or close votes on almost everything.

Here people are more helpful. I think one reasons are @bastianallgeier, @texnixe and @lukasbestle.

Another reason is probably that it’s a small CMS (in comparation to WordPress/Drupal/Joomla), more like a family. At least that makes me want to help.

My way of trying to help myself and others is to make plugins (in case anyone missed that). I also try things before the big mass and report all the problems I encounter. Hopefully my forum questions can help others as well. I also started to help out in the forum a little bit and for me it’s the first time I’m a helper, not just asking stuff.

I think all people that do something that leaves a trace for anyone else is helping the community.

Thanks to everyone! :slight_smile:


No we didn’t and we :heart: you for that ! Well not just for that :wink:

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Maybe we can organize a Big Kirby Community to meet in the Future ? :smiley:

But i think the Biggest Thanks goes to @bastianallgeier, Because he created Kirby, and also The Kirby Community.

I actually wanted to try “grav” for my next project but then rejected this idea because I was too scared that I wouldn’t find any reasonable help when I run into trouble.

All those handsome people in this community are really what differs kirby from other CMS.