Made with Kirby and <3

I re-built my portfolio site late last year - it’s still super easy to update and control via Git, but I haven’t got round to using the panel at all. Have one project on the go, and another at design phase, both going to use Kirby and the panel though - always be learning!

(Can I only upload images after a certain number of posts?)

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Oh that could be! I’m still not 100% familiar with the trust levels here :slight_smile:

The main corporate/marketing site is built with Kirby 2.


My wee Kirby-powered portfolio is here:
Upgraded to Kirby 2 recently.

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My spare time projects:,

And as I only can include two links per post, you might want to copy-paste a little ;-):,

Others yet to come…

My second Kirby site (Kirby v2), build for my friend Sven Storm.

He is the secretary of the executive board of the sport fishing club “Sportanglerverein Barchfeld e.V.” in Thuringia / Germany. The club was founded on March 10, 1935 and has about 100 members.


I currently have five sites in production using Kirby. Two of them are major productions.

  1., converted to Kirby v2 a couple of months ago.
  2., just did major revisions, still haven’t converted to Kirby v2. Hopefully soon.

Then I have (personal blog, v1), (church, v2), and (about to deploy v2). Pay no attention to the fact that needs a lot of cleanup and design work. We’re working on it. Figured it was most important to get docs migrated and available first.


So many great websites posted here already! Here’s my portfolio site that I recently updated to Kirby 2. Thanks for a really great CMS!


Wow… so many awesome sites!! It will take days of hard work and tough decisions adding the best pieces to our showcase section. You guys rock!! :sunglasses:

@sashtown days? you mean weeks, right? It’s really great to see all the new sites here!! :heart:

My Kirby 2 Theme;



i’m blogging with Kirby on


I’ve published two Kirby sites recently and I’m currently working on a third that’s much more involved. Both of them are already in the gallery but I thought I’d repost here. Many thanks to Bastian & co for their amazing work!

Catnap Creative

Kyle Decker - Personal Portfolio


We recently published a Kirby site for Netzwerk Kulturberatung – been prototyping even more projects with it.

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I really enjoyed building with Kirby.


Late to the party but finally upgraded to @getkirby V2! Thanx again @niklausgerber for the layout (big) inspiration.

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It might be a surprise, but is made with Kirby as well :slight_smile: But there might be still some of you, who are new here and didn’t know yet that the entire code for it can be found on Github: Could maybe be helpful here and there, so I just wanted to mention it here.


Hi there, I recently built and ;). Kirby is gold.


Just a small one pager (portfolio) for a client:

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Made via kirby. Not a ton to see since all the cool stuff is behind a paywall lol.

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