Made with Kirby and <3


You can submit your Kirby-made sites here to share them with other users and make it easier for us to select new entries for the showcase on the website. We can’t wait to see your submissions!!

What do you use Kirby for?
Examples for ecommerce sites built with Shopkit for Kirby?

Hi Bastian,

just recently we relaunched our agency website with kirby:

We are a small IoT agency from Stuttgart, Germany and we love kirby.


My latest project, (although made with kirby 1 and not the new version) for a creative tattoo studio in Graz/Austria:

Lightbearer Tattoo


We’ve used Kirby for our own site, after having enjoyed building with it for several clients too.


It’s not exactly new, but I did just recently get my site upgraded to Kirby 2:


I have reworked my site with a new design and content structure with the release of kirby 2:


Made a couple with Kirby & <3:

They’re all Kirby 1, but I will be building with Kirby 2 in the near future.


Just launched today, the new version of the website done with Kirby 2 (previous was Kirby 1).
The shopping cart for the e-shop works using Snipcart.


My second Kirby site for a client, this time for a small book publisher:

(Built off of Zurb’s Foundation frontend framework.)


I build my website with kirby. It´s a german website about clocks.

The frontend is made with zurb´s foundation and of course i use always the latest version of kirby in the background. :wink:


My first kirby-powered website for an advertising agency in Andorra:


I relaunched the new websites for and with Kirby 2. It’s a pleasure to work with Kirby.


I’ve just made and launched my own portfolio with Kirby. A couple more professional projects coming up.


Et aussi:


Feel free to post screenshots btw, to make it a bit more colorful here :slight_smile: Your sites are all awesome!! I’m in love :heart:


I re-built my portfolio site late last year - it’s still super easy to update and control via Git, but I haven’t got round to using the panel at all. Have one project on the go, and another at design phase, both going to use Kirby and the panel though - always be learning!

(Can I only upload images after a certain number of posts?)


Oh that could be! I’m still not 100% familiar with the trust levels here :slight_smile:


The main corporate/marketing site is built with Kirby 2.


My wee Kirby-powered portfolio is here:
Upgraded to Kirby 2 recently.


My spare time projects:,

And as I only can include two links per post, you might want to copy-paste a little ;-):,

Others yet to come…