Your Kirby Workspace

Monitor on the right is my main development monitor.

The one on the left is color calibrated and mainly used as a projection monitor, when editing videos in Sony Vegas.

Because I want my monitor height ergonomic, I have leveled them on eye-level / the horizon.

The one on the left with a wooden case and some magazines - for detailed precision in height.

The one on the right has an official stand, but that was too low… so I decided to level it with an old (still working!) DVD-recorder :slight_smile:

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okay, thats cool :blush: !. i have also a laptop i use this for school stuff, and for my school subjects in the next year.

Nice :slight_smile:

I also have a laptop, but it’s a bit old… bought it in 2007 and only use it for app-development (Visual Studio) and some Photoshop / Lightroom work and some small database-queries, using Navicat.

But the main purpose is… streaming movies from the NAS in my cellar to the beamer on the second floor in my house :slight_smile:

My house has two floors… but I only use the cellar; so I have one floor empty, for beaming movies :stuck_out_tongue:

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haha okay :smiley:, well i just use my siemens screen for spotify, for the great music !

Guess you’re my evil twin brother… I am using the 2nd monitor also for streaming audio :slight_smile:

(using AIMP for free, streaming audio 24/7)

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okay, thats cool :blush:

I was working from home, but it is not so easy to spend all of the time in the same place spacially at home. So when I had the opportunity to rent a mini office in a friend’s workspace, I did it. Here is the result :wink:

Video work space


You even have the Kirby-logo (K) on your door :slight_smile:


I have that song in one of my playlists ahah
Nice space

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I work freelance full-time from home. This is my basement which my brother-in-law and I finished.

That weird lime orb is a Osage-organge. My 4-year old daughter delivered it so it’s gotta stay for week or two before I “archive” it.

Ikea desk, Velocity Micro PC, wireless Logitech mouse, Wacom, Asus monitor, Windows Surface (for when I’m on vacation).

Generally I keep it as minimal as possible with no distractions.

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My new workspace. Mac Mini, some podcasting equipment and on the left my blogging-device :wink: And yes, that’s first snow outside. A cup of black tea is mandatory, too :wink:


Snow in November… I guess Winter Is Coming :slight_smile:

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Thankfully my code isn’t as messy as my workspace :wink:


we dont have snow here :frowning:, but its very cold!. i hope you dont will be ill :confused:

You’re lucky - my code looks like my workspace, which looks like…

I even have a second department for my code, which is more object orientated;




Typical swiss graphic designer. You will break your back (because of the chair) and also your wrist (because of the magic shit mouse). Be kind to yourself. Do something for your health and buy proper chair pls. I am worried!

But I do like the paper-cutter on the right :slight_smile:

Like i said. Typical :smiley: No realy it looks lovely.

do something for your health