Who are you? 7 simple questions

Hello, I’m new on this forum and in the Kirby community so this thread seems to be a good place to introduce myself :slight_smile:

What are your skills?
I’m …
25% sys-admin (Linux, love Caddy Server > works well with Kirby, Ansible)
25% back-end dev (PHP, WordPress, Mysql/MariaDB) (Java, JEE, JSP, ASP long time ago …)
25% front-end dev, (Html, Css, JQuery)
25% designer (4 years as a freelance webdesigner and teacher)

What do you work with?
At the moment, I’m a sys-admin and WordPress dev for publics institution as a freelancer. I’m involved in Wordcamp organization and meetup in Geneva.
I teach WordPress in an univeristy and works on a side project call Confdays ( a Saas conference website builder build on WordPress).

What did you seek?
I used WordPress since 2008 for my own needs and for my customers project. WordPress is a great tool if you can control which plugin to work with and if you develop your own theme. It can be a nightmare (security, maintenance, update, backup, settings, performance …) if you let your customer activate dozen of plugins without verifications and let him choose a bad themeforest theme.
I like simplicity and for my personal blog, I was looking for another solution than WordPress. I have chosen Hugo, a flat file solution and I’m very happy. So I start thinking about a similar solution for my customers who want a simple website (corporate, landing page, blog, documentation > content website). Hugo hasn’t got any administrative area, you have to use command line. Then I have discovered Kirby, a very nice compromise between WordPress and Hugo.

Where did you find Kirby?
By Twitter and then I decided to read articles about Kirby.

What is so good about Kirby?

  • No database > easy to deploy and backup
  • Nice documentation
  • The possibility to custom your own backend (This is where WordPress failed)
  • Like the logic of Kirby
  • Nice community with lot of interesting custom fields and plugins

What other stuff do you use?

  • WordPress, Hugo
  • Git with Gitkraken
  • Brunch
  • Hope to see Affinity available for Linux one day

How many licenses have you bought?
Any at the moment, still testing Kirby on my computer