What does "the directory could not be moved" in the Panel mean

Hi, When I’m working in the Panel and click save I often get

In this screenshot I was trying to change the template and was successful, but often it doesn’t make the requested change. What is Kirby trying to tell me?

Here I was trying to change the status from invisible to visible, but wasn’t successful. Also why is there not a template in the page settings?



Have a look at the actual files, this usually happens when theres a clash, like the numberings are incorrect or you have folders with the same name.

This thread lists some causes of the error, from files/folders being blocked by the file system to messed up panel naming or duplicate folders.

Would be nice if the Panel error messages were clearer and with suggesting how the problem can be solved. For me, I feel the Panel is just adding another level of complexity which I was trying to get away from, so maybe the solution for me is to create the folders, markdown txt files and php templates with an editor like Sublime Text and not use the Panel.

Those problems mainly arise if you switch between messing with the file system and using the Panel. It’s better to stick with one, especially if you are not sure what you are doing.

But of course, if you don’t need the Panel, it’s perfectly fine to write to text files with an editor. As an additional plus, you then don’t need any blueprints.

Thanks Sonja, just wanted to check that I’m not creating other problems for myself. I’m going to try without the Panel and see how it goes, I think learning Kirby without the Panel will be easier.