Panel saving issues on server

Hi All,

I’m having a strange issue with the panel on my Kirby site, on my server only (everything is fine locally). When I edit content in the panel, add new pages etc. the ‘save’ takes a really long time; the progress bar kind of hangs, then pauses at the end, and the smiley never appears. When I go back to my dashboard, the change I made will have saved, but there is no confirmation.

Looking at the directories in my server, it seems like it is taking a while to overwrite the content file (e.g. projects.txt) - the file will overwrite, but it isn’t immediate.

I thought this may be a permissions issue, but my content folder is definitely writable (777) as are other necessary files + folders. I have allowed mod_rewrite on the server, as well as AllowOverride All for my web directory in my apache2.conf file

As you have probably guessed I am running on an Apache server.

Anyone ran in to anything similar, or have any ideas?


Is there something in your Apache or PHP error log? Does an error/warning appear in your browser’s developer console?

Please also try clearing your browser cache.

Nothing is showing up in my Apache or PHP error log, nor is there any error in my browser console. It is quite strange, as sometimes the smiley will popup, but a long time after an edit has been made, it is as if everything is working, but something is slowing the process down a lot.

I have tried clearing my cache.

Can’t get my head around it. I have been using the autopublish plugin, thought that could have something to do with problem, but I have tried removing it and this doesn’t change anything

Do you use any other custom code (panel fields etc.)?

No I don’t. The panel is just the default

Does this happen only with specific blueprints or with any page? Could you pls, post the blueprint of a page that is affected?

This happens not only when editing, but also when adding files, new pages etc, across the whole site.

Here is the blueprint of one of the pages on my site:

title: Home
pages: true
files: false
    label: Title
    type: title
    label: Text
    type: textarea

That looks pretty basic. So I wonder what is the difference between your local and remote setups that would be causing such an issue … Another PHP version?

BTW. What version of Kirby are you using? And does the same happen with a fresh starterkit or just with your installation?

I’m using version 2.2.3 of the starterkit. The only thing significant I have changed is a config file for my local and server environment

I just tried added a clean starterkit on my server and it works fine, so I guess it is something with my build, I will try to reinstall the panel and see if that helps

If that does not work, try replacing the Kirby folder as well; if none of this works, pls. post your config.php for the remote server.

Before posting your config file you may want to remove your license key :slight_smile:


Ok I think I’ve found the issue - I had a comment at the top of my config file in html syntax lol, I guess this was causing an issue with parsing the file. Stupid mistake!

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