Panel bug after page save


Lately, I keep having a bug when using the panel.
It doesn’t happen all the time, but quite often, and on almost every Kirby project I’m working on.

When I tried to save a page, the progress bar at the top of the page moves really slowly and stays stuck at the end, and the page is not saved in the end.
If I go back on the dashboard, and navigate back to that specific page, I just get a blank page.

I’m using MAMP, and the PHP logs shows this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Method name must be a string in /Volumes/Paul/project-title/panel/app/src/panel/models/page/changes.php on line 71 

I tried to change the template of the page, thinking it might come from the blueprint, but no success.
I even deleted the parent page and siblings, and recreated all the pages, but I get the blank page straight away if I title a new page the same way the buggy page was called.
The page, or the path to the page that broke, seems indefinitely broken.

When the bug occurs, the rest of the panel keeps working fine, and I can update most of the pages, no problem.

I was using 2.3.0, but I just update to 2.3.2, with no result.
Most of the time, the bug comes up when I’m developing locally on MAMP, but I think I recall the same thing happening on a production server.
The only plugin I added is, but I tried to delete it to test if that was the issue, but it doesn’t seem to be coming from that.

Does anyone have any idea from where the issue could come from?
I can give more details about my kirby setup/blueprints/etc. if that can help.


Could you pls. provide your blueprint? There was a similar issue here which seems to have been caused by a missing colon in the blueprint.

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Thanks for the super quick answer!
There was indeed a missing colon in one of the field of the blueprint. And adding it seems to have fixed the problem.
Fingers crossed for this to be the definitive solution. I’ll be more careful when creating my blueprints.

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Ok, perfect, I’ll mark this as solved for the moment.