Bug: Custom url-appendix is undone by save function in panel

In the panel, the url-appendix seems to be reverting to what it would be if you click the magic wand to generate it from the title. Say the title is “Lorem Ipsum,” and I want the url-appendix to be “lorem-ipsum-dolor.” it works initially until you hit the save at the bottom of the page, at which point (and any time afterwards) it changes to “lorem-ipsum.” Not sure if I’m missing something?

What version of Kirby are you using? I can’t reproduce this with the current 2.2.3.

Hi, sorry it’s been a while. I’m having lots of small issues with the panel. the problem above persists with the newest kirby version. Another very odd issue is in a textarea, the word “from” anywhere in a textarea (after a "- " list item, possibly), causes the page to not save.

Possibly my installation is botched? I replaced the “kirby” and “panel” folders entirely with new versions. what could be going wrong here?

This sounds very weird. Have you tested if these issues also appear with a fresh Kirby Starterkit? Maybe something got messed up. Do you use any plugins, custom fields or similar?

Both these issues aren’t happening on my local machine with mamp, only on the server. I’m hosting with greengeeks, and running php 5.6. Is there anything in their php configuration that could affect things? I’ll get a fresh starterkit going and let you know.

Only plugin is the columns plugin, and removing doesn’t change anything. These issues don’t happen on the starterkit, and additionally, they don’t happen on some pages within my site. I thought it might be something in the blueprint for those specific pages, but reverting to the default blueprint didn’t fix the problem… I’m really at a loss here.

The url-appendix issue happens on MAMP as well as the server, but the weird issues with the page not saving with the word “from” (this isn’t exactly it either, it’s something more nebulous) only happen on the server.

Where else could I look for the root of this issue? The template file? Does that affect the panel at all?

Ok, so I figured out the first problem. The blueprint for the parent page had the setting
pages: num: zero
And I’m pretty sure that was creating the url-appendix error. I can recreate this in the starterkit, so I think it’s a legitimate bug. It can be recreated by adding num: zero under template: project in the “projects.php” blueprint. Then, try to rename one of the projects. It sticks at first, but then when you hit the “save” button, it reverts.

Update: removing that line seems to have fixed the other problem as well. It’s all quite odd. Certain combinations of words would cause the page to not save (only on a public server). I have no clue why this numbering option would affect such things, but I expect others will run into this problem eventually.

Yes, I can confirm this. If you put num: zero before the template setting, everything works fine. If you put it after template: project, the url appendix change is not perpetual. I have created an issue on GitHub