Problem with "URL-appendix" in the transliteration of Russian words

I found a problem with “URL-appendix” in the transliteration of Russian words.

Example: Весенний праздник в Слободке
kirby-2.1.2: vesennij-prazdnik-v-slobodke
kirby-2.2.0 and later: vesn-ij-prazd-k-lob

Checked all the Kirby version, the problem started with v. 2.2.0. Before that everything was fine.
Changelog in v. 2.2.0 there is a line “Better slug generation on the client side”. This is related to this problem?
This is a bug or something to configure in settings? What can be done?

Yes, this is a known issue

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kirby-2.3.0 has been released, but the problem still exists, very annoying.
Let me remind you, this problem occurs only when you add a new page. If you tap the button “change URL” in the early created page, then everything is fine. Also, when you add a new file, there is no problems in the Cyrillic Url-appendix.
Maybe there is a temporary solution?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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