Cant't save content in panel

In one of my client sites, from one day to an other some pages in the panel does not save. If I hit the save button I get an endless turning spinner in the upper right and an error in the console withe message TypeError: is undefined that points me to panel.js:1073:34

I only have this problem in some subpages. Other pages are saving normaly.

Anyone an idea how to solve this? I checked the .txt files but everything seems to be normal.

I’m on Kirby version 2.1.0 but i had this error with version 2.0 as well…

Have you found a solution?

Unfortunately, not. :confused:

Could you post the blueprints of the subpages that cause the problems?

Ok, that’s really strange… I checked it again and now it’s saving as normal… I’ll keep an eye on that.
It seems that you can solve my coding problems with simply replying my question… :wink: Thanks.

Oh, great. Hope it stays that way. :smile: