Content in Panel (randomly) not saving; user logged out or cannot log out without refreshing

Today, I have uploaded a Kirby site to my development server. All seems to be fine expect of the siteoptions. No matter what I want to change, nothing happens … is there anything I can do against it? Is this cause it’s now online but I haven’t entered my license code yet? Or can this be anything other?

To get this right: When you save anything in a standard page via the Panel, that works fine. Only changes to site.txt are not stored? Or what do you mean when you say “siteoptions”?

Tested also in other browser, but there I everytime get logged out when I hit refresh … in both consoles, there is this error:

Quellübergreifende (Cross-Origin) Anfrage blockiert: Die Gleiche-Quelle-Regel verbietet das Lesen der externen Ressource auf http://localhost:3123/ (Grund: CORS-Anschlag schlug fehl).[Weitere Informationen]

And sometimes the siteoptions (yes, site.txt) are working, sometimes not …

Why is there a request to a localhost resource?

I have no idea … I have seen now, that in media/plugins/ there are generated files, .index.css and .index.js

Everytime I delete they come back.

Guess you are using plugins? That would explain why you get those files.

Have you tried to delete session files from site/sessions?

Yes, but I have all of them deleted … sessions also deleted

Is there anything in those index.css and index.js files or are they empty?

Now tested and they aren’t created anymore. No matter, the Panel still doesn’t work :frowning: also some files are broken and the panel shows pages, that doesn’t exist anymore as I delted them directly on the server.

A caching problem? Have you cleared the cache directory? Maybe there’s also server-side caching active?

How to find this out? Over php info?

Well, I’d check phpinfo yes, But it might also be something in the server settings.

But I’d still be interested to know where that call is coming from. Is that from some sort of build process?

Can you send me a link to the site?

Tested several scenarios, seems a bug in Kirby …

Firefox: panel has cached Version of the panel
Chrome: panel looks weel but everytime I hit refresh I get logged out
Edge: all working fine

No AdBlocks or similar active

Edit: is gone since I deleted the plugins. (XML sitemap)

What version are you using?

3.1.1 …

But everything worked fine in your local dev environment?

Yes … but it’s default environment, working same way as WP, Joomla and more. And several K2 Instances runs also on this Server with exact the same configuration. And it’s only the panel that’s not working fine. The frontend works as expected.

Phoning also since 1 hour with my hoster and we currently can’t find a solution which is wrong. We host at Hetzner

Edit: is the panel cached completely?

Edit: it only appears in the main page of Kirby

Could you upload a fresh Starterkit and check if you get the same error? The Panel works for me both locally and on a remote server.

Fresh Starterkit also fails … there is some kind of caching active but only for the panel, nothing else. I send you the Server Config via PM

@bastianallgeier seems like this is a really hard bug in the panel … we doesn’t know what to do, Kirby will not work on our servers!