Site Options - not saving


I have just upgraded Kirby from 1.1.2 to the latest 2.3.1. Everything is working fine apart from when I try to update the site options via the panel. I can’t update anything, when I hit save it just changes back to the default title etc. saying “What’s important right now?”. where do these setting get saved? Any ideas please?

Thanks again.

Do you have a site.yml or site.php blueprint in place? The settings are saved in /content/site.txt

Yes I have the site.yml in my blue prints folder and it generates the site.txt however it still wont save. When I click the save button it refreshes with blank fields apart from What’s important right now? in the title field.

any ideas? thanks

Could you post your blueprint please?

And do the changes get saved to site.txt and only do not show up in the panel, or don’t they get saved at all?

Ok, sorry. I manage to trouble shoot it.

I had and old page content file starting with an ‘_’ this was causing the problem.

Sorry for the hassle and thanks again for offering to help.

Glad you found the issue :slight_smile: