Changed Site Options Save and then Revert

A bit confused here.

I installed Kirby on MediaTemple’s GRID service, and while any changes on other content pages will save successfully… my site options won’t. (Everything looks up to spec in regards to the PHP settings.)

When I change anything in Site Options, it “saves” successfully but then immediately reverts. Here’s what happens:

Any suggestions would be very welcome!

Especially strange is that the save confirmation smiley at the top right appears twice…

Have you tried:

  • Updating to Kirby 2.3.0?
  • Using a different browser?
  • Clearing your browser cache?

Hey @qcarlson, where you able to fix your issue?
I had the exact same issue and realized that there were two txt files in my site folder. Cleaning it up fixed the problem in a second!
Let us know if this has been fixed for you!

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