"The page directory cannot be moved" when trying to sort posts


i’m trying to make posts/pages within the panel sortable. i had accidentally set them to be ordered by date created in the .yml file with the line:

num: date

this was causing the folder for projects to have the date pre-pended to their names when published.

i commented out that line, and all folders now have a numbering system as expected (1_page-1, 2_page-2, etc.). however, when i go to reorder a page in the panel via drag and drop, i get back an error message that reads “The page directory cannot be moved” and the position resets. does anyone have thoughts on how i may be able to reenable pages being moved?

thank you for your help!

Check if you have any duplicate prepended numbers in the file system now.

I ended up renaming the folders and it resolved the issue. Thank you for your help!