Pages in panel allow changing position


why am I not able to change the position of my pages? I want to change the sorting manually of the pages inside the panel.
When I click on the 3 dots of a page item, I see the option “change position” but it’s disabled / gray.

    label: Teammitglieder
    type: pages
    layout: cards
    size: tiny
    sortable: true <-------
      back: "#EFE8E4"
      cover: true
    draft: Draft
    listed: Published
    max: 5
      - mitarbeiter

I found “sortable: true” but it does not help, I also tried
sort: true

   sort: true

Thanks in advance!


I only have unlisted pages. I just noticed that I can change the position as soon as I publish the pages. But is there a way to keep the pages unlisted and have this ability?

No, unlisted pages don’t have an order.

Background: for listed pages, the folder name is prefixed by 1_, 2_, etc. - the sort order. Listed and unlisted pages differ by having this sort prefix. So without the sort prefix, unlisted pages won’t have any order. In that sense, unlisted = unordered and only listed can be ordered.

@distantnative okay, thank you nevertheless for clarifying.