Manual sorting in panel not saving

I have a Pages section on my site panel, and it appears that the user can drag the page order around to change the page order. But when I refresh the page, it’s as though the page order was unmoved, and it’s not affecting the page order on the website either. I’d like to enable the manual drag to reorder functionality, but it doesn’t seem like anything is working.

In the blueprint, I made sure I don’t have anything set for sortBy or num, assuming the default would be set in.

Any tips? Thanks!

Could you please post your blueprint for a start?

And welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much!

Here’s the content of albums.yml:

That looks very much like the original section from the Starterkit with the difference that you have added the sortable: true property, which is the default anyway.

When you check out the content folder, do the prepended numbers of the folder names change at all when you move the pages around?

Can you make any other changes, like edit the content? Add pages? Etc.?

Have you made any other changes yet?

Are you testing the Starterkit locally or on a remote server?

Interesting! Checking the folders’ names there are two that start with “1_” and two that start with “6_”
I think the only way these would have been changed is through the CMS.
When I drag things around in the cms, some of the folders work, but those that are double numbered are the ones that don’t reorder.

Ok, something got messed up at some point. I suggest you either manually give those duplicate numbered folder a new number directly in the file system, or your change their status to draft and then back to listed via the Panel. Let’s see what happens.

Everything is working. Thanks for pointing me in the right place!

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Yep, I faced the same issue in the past but I didn’t investigate it further. I had folders with the same number/id too and renamed them manually. I’m creating and editing pages only via the panel too.

I think we have to keep an eye on this.

If it happens again to any of you, please report immediately and try to provide as much information as you can as to when & why this happens.

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As additional information: This issue often happens if you move folders around manually between your local installation and a remote server that are not in sync.

This is not to say that it might not be a bug, though.

This wasn’t the issue for my case for sure: I just have a local Kirby 3 setup at the moment.