Folder content name and pages ordering in panel

Hello, I migrated a project from Kirby 2 some month ago and am now trying to add a panel interface.
The content I want to manage is structured like this :


my panel numero.yml looks like that

title: Numero

        type: pages
        templates: article
        info: "{{ page.titre }}, {{ page.auteur }}"

Article pages created manually with the folder name 1_title/, 2_title/… can be reordered in the panel by drag and drop, but the pages I created with the panel cannot be reordered by drag and drop (or named with an underscore like others). Any idea how to fix this?

If you create pages via the Panel, they are created as drafts. They need to be published (made listed) first, before they can be ordered.

wow, thank you, I hadn’t made the connection between these two things. It’s not very useful in my case, but it seems to make sens that we can’t assign a place in the list for “draft” and especially “unlisted” items.
And if I understood correctly the documentation : pages can’t be created with any other status than “draft” and the “draft” status can’t be disabled.
I’ll just add a little message for users and separate the two lists by status.

Not at the moment, but you could use a hook to change status at page creating (page.create:after). It will be possible in the next big release of Kirby to define a status at page creation.