Sorting of pages fails

Hello there

i am having trouble sorting the pages in the panel.
As you can see in the video i want put “Media” Second and “Training” Third.

Do you know why i cant sort the pages as i am dragging them?

Thank you

What is your Kirby version? There was a bug in 2.5.9 that was fixed in 2.5.10.

Oh nice, i got the 2.5.9er Version :confused:

If i updated Kirby on localhost by CLI and then push the files via git and pull them on server, that shall work?

But i think i will do that tomorrow, too late for an update test :smiley:

I will let you know tomorrow @texnixe

Hello and morning
also i noticed on my localhost, there are many files with same order number. Here you can see “2-suchergbenis” and “2-material”. Yesterday i had even more with “2-”. Also with “3-”. I renamed the folders with a “.” in front.

Is that a thing caused by the 2.5.9er bug?


Probably. However, they show automatically resort themselves as soon as you sort them again in the Panel. But remove the dots again before you do so.

But isnt the sorting made by the number before the foldername?
Yesterday i had 5 folders beginning with “2-” so i renamed them.

Yes, the sorting is done with the prepended number. Now that I think of it, the duplicate pages might actually be an effect of your reordering in the Panel and then pushing the content to the repo? In any case, you should check if those pages have the same content and then remove the ones that are not needed anymore. Then add and remove properly in your repo and push again to the remote.

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Yes, currently we are checking the content.

But if i am reordering on server, submitting and pull it to localhost. The ordering shall be correct on both systems or am i wrong?

Yes. But if you rename a page, in the git context, that amounts to adding and deleting folders. So you then have to actually remove the file from the repo (git rm), otherwise you might end up with duplicate content.

Now i am lost and cofused. :confused:

When i rename a folder via panel online, i commit that changed. The folder is not removed?

So i have to remove that folder manually? Or what is the best practice?

Well, yes, if your working directory is clean, everything should work fine. It was a guess, because these things have happened before.

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Okay, i will clean up first. Then update and then i will check if that thing i coming up again.

I will let you know here.

Thank you for your help so far.

Hello again,

i updated to 2.5.10 and i just orded the page “Datenschutz” and the effect is that the site i duplicated.
3-datenschutz and 10-datenschutz

I am getting lost. I really need help on that here.

Thank you all!

How can I reproduce this? Just by sorting pages in the Panel?

I will now do following:
I will copy the content/* onto Desktop, delete unused folders, rename to sort from 1-10 and then sort again.

Let’s see what may happen.

Here it is before sorting:

Here after i sorted 10-Impressum above 11-Datenschutz

As you can see Kirby is sorting 11 before 10. WHY?!

How did you update Kirby? Are Kirby, Panel and the Toolkit at 2.5.10 now? I really can’t reproduce it, neither in a fresh Starterkit where I added 10+ projects nor in a project I’m currently working on.


~/.composer/vendor/bin/kirby update

Hm, I don’t know what to do.Did you still get duplicate pages after this last experiment? Or is only the sorting order in the sidebar incorrect?