Manual sorting images problem with Kirby 2.5.9

When moving some images in the “preview image grid” page of the Panel file manager, the displayed images are in the correct order when the files are less than 10, but when there are more than 9 files, the display order is wrong after each manual reordering operations. Seems that there is a zero leading trouble with the internal Kirby logic, or that the “sort” field is evaluated as a string , because the 10th image is always displayed after the first one.
I did not experienced this issue with the previous Kirby version (I just test it on 2.5.8 and it works fine).

Thanks for your help.

I think this is related to more than nine pages getting all messed up.

I wonder if it would be possible in the future to use testing frameworks like PHPUnit etc. for pre-release versions extensively, where every single function will be tested automatically? Do not get me wrong, I’m a big Kirby fan and recommend it to all customers since years now!

But if you then successfully defrauded a customer of Typo3 and Wordpress, buy for the customer the 80€ pro version of Kirby and the customer immediately gets such errors, this casts a bad look both at Kirby and me as a developer…

I know that the community can thoroughly test the pre-release versions. And of course there are bugs to be found in every product…! But apparently that’s not enough for one of the best CMS you need to pay, as we’ve unfortunately seen in the last three versions.

(OK. That’s it … Maybe I’ll be hated by some people now! :sweat_smile:)

We do in fact have testing in place but not as much as could be wished for. We are well aware of this situation and this is something that will definitely change in Kirby 3.

Sorry for the inconvenience, yet again :worried:

As @texnixe wrote, we are working on this.

When we originally developed Kirby 2, we decided to add automated testing, but unfortunately it was never complete and therefore we started to neglect adding tests for each new feature. Because it’s not possible to retrofit tests (the whole code structure needs to be accessible to tests so that they can simulate every possible behavior), we won’t be able to add unit tests now.

But: Kirby 3 will be a complete rewrite and we will make absolutely sure this time that every important line of code is tested properly. Also we won’t allow new features without proper tests and also won’t fix bugs before writing a unit test for them first (meaning: bugs should never appear again).

As Kirby 2 has a lot of features, it has become impossible to test everything manually. As you can see: Two release candidates, but the bugs only ever appear after the release. That’s just how it is, but we definitely understand the situation and I can guarantee you that we are working on it. :slight_smile: