Kirby 2.5.9 Panel Page Re-Ordering Broken

I’ve noticed in Kirby 2.5.9 that re-ordering pages in the Panel is badly broken. Reordering one page will seemingly shuffle other pages. This seems to happen (or only be noticeable) when there are more than 10 visible pages.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’m running PHP 7.2 on an NGINX server. Never had any issues with Kirby 2.5.8.

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Ive just noticed this too. Ive got 11 news articles that wont keep order. I know its wrong because of the way the pages are titled. (News Article One, News Article Two, News Article Three etc). I have 11 articles like that and try as i might, i cant set them to run consecutively.

Running on Valet.

Yes, I can confirm this. Looks like a bad bug. I’ve created an issue on GitHub. It doesn’t matter where you try to reorder them, i.e. it happens in the pages overview as well as when you try to assign a sort order via the sidebar options.


Yes that true - i even re-ordered them manually in the filesystem using finder, and the panel messed them all up again when i went back in. i hadn’t changed the ordering in the panel. I think i edited and saved one article, and the panel reshuffled them without me telling it to.

I thought I was going completely nuts, having the same issue — and was freaking out.

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