Sorting in the Panel creates duplicate sorting numbers

Hi guys,

the following is happening:
I have a website where in one place there are around 70+ subpages.
When trying to arrange one particular page in the edit-pages panel I suddenly found in the panel the order of

  • 40
  • 43
  • 41
  • 42
  • 44
  • 45

Looking into the content folder, I found the following directories:

  • 40-title…
  • 40-title2…
  • 41-title3…
  • 42-title4…
  • 42-title5…
  • 43-title6…
  • 44-title7…
  • 45-title8…

Needless to say, the output is just as crooked.
Does anyone have a clue as when or why this would happen and how to overcome this?
I’d really like to get to the bottom of this…


Am I understand you correctly: Your problem is that the order count starts with 40 instead of 1, right?

no, 40. is fine. but afterwards should come 41. not 43.

Have you changed anything, like changed the sort order method from date to number or anything like that?

What Kirby version, 2.1.1 or the 2.2.2 beta?

nope, haven’t changed anything in the sorting order within kirby. And its 2.1.1

Have you tried to replicate this in a new install? If it persists, I suggest creating an issue on GitHub.

fact is, this isn’t the first time. it already happened to me on a local mamp system several times. but being local I never put too much thought into it, as there are a couple of Mac OS issues at the same time happing which I haven’t had the time to tackle. However, this had never happened on a server so far. So this is different - all the more so as it happened to a client on a server.

I have never come across this issue but then again I have never created that many subpages sorted by number, so as I said above, could you create an issue over on GitHub?

Does this only happen with more than a certain number of pages or regardless of it?

Sry, was a few days on the move. Yes, I will create an issue on GitHub.
I experienced this happening usually when coming to more than 20 subpages.

I’ve moved the issue from the repo (which is the website) to the panel repo.

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