Sorting subpages broken

Hi all. I’ve seen several other topics similar but none seem to have a solution here. This is using Kirby 2.5.10 and then just now I trialled it on 2.5.12 with the same issues. With subpages up to 24 (biggest number I’ve tested so far without it breaking) all is fine – drag and drop works as usual, subpages are displayed in the sidebar as usual i.e. 1 is at the top and 20 is at the bottom (and so on for larger numbers of subpages).

In one case though, with a lot (246) of subpages it’s just broken – in order i get 10, 1, 2, 81, 3, 19, 4, 5, 55, 6… it seems to settle down after here but these first crazy ones resist any attempt to being put in order or renumbered – drag and drop brings up the activity spinner but then reverts to the old, wrong order.

Any ideas? Thanks

ok. Fixed. Manually renumbering almost all of them seemed to help – so probably my error somewhere and not kirby’s. Sorry – false alarm

I’ve closed this for the moment but please feel free to reopen if you run into this again. We had this problem in Kirby 2.5.9, but it was then fixed in 2. 5.10.