Sorting of pages fails

I will sort a few pages, we will see then. I am giving feedback in 2 minutes.

Okay, i deleted unused files now, and resorted… first time it failed again. Then i cleaned up and sorted again a few times, now it seems to be okay.

But super strange, isnt it?

It is indeed very weird. But I have tested this in 3 projects now and could’t reproduce it anywhere, not in a single language nor in a multi language environment.

What plugins are you using?

I installed a instagram solution which is not used in the frontend and my own strava plugin and the feed plugin.

I recently noticed similar problems with the sorting of pages in projects synchronized by Dropbox (or any other comparable service I guess). Do you happen to sync the project folder in any way?

What do you mean with that?

Sometimes when I quickly sort pages in projects that are located in my Dropbox the following will happen:


Most of the times it will fix itself, but I had it duplicate pages/sorting numbers a few times. That’s why I thought you might also use a sync service like that and that’s the problem.

Do you use any hooks anywhere, either in your Strava plugin or in the config?

Ah okay… now i know :slight_smile:
No we use a local MAMP and via git (bitbucket) i organize the files on the server.

No, none i know.
The strava plugin only includes the external php libs.