Don't automatically change page order number

Hi guys,

I’m trying to setup a kirby structure that uses dates as ordering key. My content folder naming is supposed to look like this “20150202-contentone”, “20160202-contentwo”,…
Now I realised that Kirby tries to be smart and changes them to “1-contentone”, “2-contenttwo”,…
Is there a way to prevent this?
And is there a way when creating a new page through the backend to use the same format to name the corresponding folder? When I create a new page now and name it “20150212-content”, the number is ignored…

Thank you

What do you have in your blueprint for those pages? Check out the docs about numbering of subpages:

Do not add the sorting number manually via the Panel, it is auto created, based on the date field, or a field you define in the blueprint.

Perfect, I should have found that myself! Thank you!