The Directory could not be moved


I use Kirby 2.2.2, when I save changes in the panel (not necssarily same template), I’ve an alert message witch says: The Directory could not be moved (but save works and changes are saved). I just made some modification in css and html class, and I never had this message before.

Someone would have an idea about it ?

Thank you.

Is that a fresh install? Have you tried to clear the cache?

I download website from distant to local.There is nothing in cache folder.

What I do not anderstand is that I did not had this message before, and I download website a few hours ago.

This error is thrown when sorting, moving or hiding a page fails. I think I came across such an error message a while ago when something got messed up. Could you try to download a fresh copy of Kirby and replace the Kirby and panel folders in your install with these new ones to check if the problem persists?

Yes, it works, I just replaced them and I do not have the message anymore.

Did I made a bad manipulation ? or is it a bug ?

I don’t know, what exactly did you do? Maybe something got corrupted by downloading/copying or whatever, hard to tell. If you come across this again, you could file an issue on GitHub.

Some changes in css and html, nothing very important and show a page that was hidden.

Then it might have been related to showing/hiding the page. Could you pls. test this again?

Just tried it several times, and it does not seems to cause the message.
If it happens again i’ll open an issue on GitHub with more details.

Thank you for your help.

Hey texnixe,

I also have this problem. I think it has something to do with changing the panul url. I changed it back now and still no luck. The changes that i make save fine. I just cant hide/unhide or change the order of the pages.

EDIT: i think i know the source of the problem. If you have a folder/program open that uses the kirby dir, you get this error

@Noedel-Man Is there a way we can reproduce this then?


I too am getting the Error “The directory could not be moved” when trying to Edit a page, but my changes are not being saved and the page cannot be deleted.

I made no changes to any Panel files, but have tried clearing the cache and replacing Kirby and Panel folders with fresh installs. Problem persists uh oh.

Any help would be amazing, thank you.

Can you give us some more details about your environment, is that on local or a remote server?

Have you checked folder permissions?

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Hello again,

It was happening both on my local and remote servers, folder permissions all in order.

I think I’ve solved it - some project names began with numbers, which then generated into the urls. This seemed to be confusing the ordering system Kirby uses by adding numbers as prefixes, so I removed all leading numbers from the auto generated url’s.

Seems to have done the trick!

I also had this problem and found out that it was because I had one image from a content folder in Photoshop. It prevented the folder from being writable.

I don’t know why it needed the folder to be moved because I was only trying to save the page.

But it if anyone else got this problem, make sure you don’t have content files open in other applications.

As I always have multiple programs opened in same time I imagine it was the same reason for me. Thanks for info, I will check it next time.

Just out of interest: Is that on Windows, Linux or Mac (in your case)?

It’s on Windows. Character limit forces me to write this sentence.

I get persistent The directory could not be moved errors, and I cannot change anything on the website anymore through the browser interface. Running Kirby 2.2.3 on a Mac (El Capitan, PHP 5.6.11). I tried:

  • deleting the contents of the cache folder,
  • restarting the OS,
  • verifying and resetting permissions,
  • duplicating the folder,
  • running Kirby in a different browser,
  • quitting all apps except the browser and the Terminal.

To no avail. Any other trick I could try?

Have you tried to replace the kirby and panel folders with fresh installations?