Error - The directory could not be moved, replace the panel and kirby folders but still shows

After editing and saving in the panel, i get the error “the directory could not be moved” but the editing still gets saved and displays properly. Ive read all the forum comments on this, replaced the panel and kirby folders with new ones but its still showing.

Thanks, lovin’ Kirby…

Just tested it again, it seems that the problems not there when i edit the normal home page, only when editing posts.

Are you using any plugins? Especially custom fields on those post pages?

Other than that, you might find some ideas to check in this post: The Directory could not be moved

Hi, yeah i just figured it out. I was putting various fields in, tags etc without configuring them. I thought you could just put them in, im new to Kirby and php, working on building a blog from the plainkit files.

I started from scratch again, testing each construct one by one and found what was causing the error…thanks for your response.

Where do i click the solved button?

Nope, the problems back again…fixed it for good this time…I was using Wamp and i had my project set up as virtual host, i just moved the project to the normal Wamp root directory ‘www’ and there’s been no error for days now.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what the exact cause of error was, could you give an example, might be helpful for others (or for us to improve the docs).