Panel messes with Folder Rights

Im using the Kirby Panel with multiple users. Everytime i create a new post or if another user creates a new post i have to rewrite the rules on the folders content. Otherwise Kirby asks to check if the content-folder is writable. Any ideas ?

Hm, there’s nothing in the Kirby or Panel code that would change folder permissions. Sounds as if the new pages are not created with the correct permissions/ownership?

Those new pages are created directly on the remote server via the Panel, right?

Just a hunch, but have you tried checking the server configuration? Do you have anything that would maybe touch the files and folders on the server, perhaps an automated backup, or antivirus or something? I suspect the problem is not Kirby, but rather something else on the server modifying the files and folders.

Also If something is misconfigured and causing the server to write the files with the wrong user / group settings, then Apache won’t serve them.

For instance, I have had issues using rsync to deploy because rsync copies the file permissions from my mac to the server, rather then setting them correctly when the files are written. I suspect there is something on your server that is messing with the permissions so it can do its job, and not setting them back when its done.

I didnt found anything in that direction until now but i agree thats probably not Kirby. I’ll setup my server from scratch and see what happens.