Write permissions on kirby panel after moving to new server

I’m trying to move my kirby website to a different (shared) server as the one where I first installed to. I simply moved all the files and directories, and updated the .htaccess file. The website shows up correctly. However, I can no longer edit my website through the panel.

To be more precise, I can log into the panel, but if I try to make any change, I get the error message “The page is not writable. Please check the permissions for the content folder and all files.” Same story if I try to add a new user, or make any type of change through the panel. I did check the permissions for all folders, and they are set to 775.

How can I solve this problem? I suppose the problem lies in the fact that my user account on the server has changed (for instance, my user password to access the server is different), which means that Kirby no longer has the necessary credentials to make changes to the content of the website. But how can I fix that? I would rather not have to reinstall Kirby from scratch.

Thanks :wink:

What are your file permissions? They should be set to 644.

The permissions for the files and directories seems to be correct (I tried both 775 and 644), but the problem remains. I think the root of the problem is that I moved to a new server, where I have another account/password, and where the groups are different as well. Is there a way to edit this information somewhere?

The account/pw of the server account are irrelevant. You might have to change the user/user group though.

You mean doing a chown on the folders? I don’t have any admin privileges on the server, so I can’t change the ownership of the folders. Or did you have something else in mind?

Yes, that’s what I had in mind. But if you don’t have admin privileges, that won’t help you. Are you sure the file and folder permissions were correctly applied?

You could also try to set 664 on files instead of 644 to test if that changes anything.

No luck unfortunately. I event tried to set (recursively) all folders and files to 777, and it’s still not writable. It’s really strange…

I also tried to install a fresh version of Kirby (version 2.1, since the server I am using has PHP 5.3), and I get the same type of error when trying to install the panel:

/site/accounts is not writable
The thumbs folder must be writable.
The content folder and all contained files and folders must be writable.
/assets/avatars is not writable

Do these folders exist at all?

Yes they all exist (in my last post, I simply downloaded the version 2.1 of Kirby, added my license and set “panel.install” to true in the site/config/config.php file, and tried to access mysite.org/panel. So all the usual Kirby directories are there).

Hm, I’m running out of ideas. Maybe move to another server with an up-to-date PHP version if possible?

Do you think the PHP version might be the cause of this problem? I don’t have the possibility to change server , but I’m working for a small institution, so I can certainly ask the technical support to update their PHP version.

Do you have PHP error logs enabled and is there anything in the error logs?

In phpinfo(), error_log is set to “no value” (you can view the full list at http://nr.no/~plison/version.php). I don’t think I have access to the logs.

Maybe technical support has access to the logs, then? Otherwise, maybe you contact the hosting provider to find out what may be the issue here.

Edit: You said you had the site running on a different server before. Was that with the same PHP version? And what Kirby version is that you are using in that project?

Ok, I’ve talked to our tech support, and I found what was wrong: the directories are simply not writable by the webserver (they are mounted read-only, due to security considerations). So there’s not much I can do to solve the issue, unfortunately!

At least you can’t use the panel. If you don’t need the panel online, you can write your stuff locally and then transfer the files via FTP/SSH (or get another webhoster, they are not really expensive). I`ll mark this as solved as this is not a Kirby issue.

Thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: