Panel issues on new server

  • I have an existing Kirby 2 install which has worked great
  • I have moved it to a new server, copying everything exactly, due to unrelated problems with old host
  • Site continues to work fine
  • Accessing panel gives the following errors:
  1. You are only allowed to run the panel installer from the same computer that is the server or by setting the option panel.install to true in your /site/config/config.php
  2. /site/accounts is not writable
  3. The thumbs folder must be writable.
  4. The content folder and all contained files and folders must be writable.
  5. /assets/avatars is not writable
  • I have made all the listed files and folders writable (chmod 775) but am still getting the same errors
  • I don’t know what the top panel means - or why it is trying to install the panel again, when this was already working fine in previous install.

Any advice or help gratefully received!

P.S. Yes, would love to move to Kirby 3, but need to address this first!

There are file permissions, and there is file ownership. The named folders and files should be owned by the webserver user, usually www-data.

The first error happens because the accounts folder is not writable, so Kirby thinks there are no user accounts. Should fix itself once the account folder can be read.

Thanks, that makes sense!

I applied ‘chown www-data:www-data’ to all the relevant files/folders.

However, now when I try to visit /panel, I get the following error:

touch(): Utime failed: Permission denied
Try again or contact your administrator.

Does this have more information which file exactly fails? Also check the PHP error logs

There are a few more old entries with this error, maybe check them out:

Thanks. This post helped me figure it out: Panel works locally, not on remote server - #3 by elmnt

I needed to change ownership of the contents of site/accounts/ - not just the directory itself (which is not clear from the preceding error message.

Fixed it using: chown -R www-data:www-data /site/accounts

May thanks