Panel Installation Permissions

I’m installing panel and it states the follwoing.

/site/accounts is not writable
The thumbs folder must be writable.
The content folder and all contained files and folders must be writable.
/assets/avatars is not writable

I’m using Ubuntu and I’ve set the permission on all of the above folders to 755, but I’m still getting the error message.

I can fix this by setting all permissions to 777 but I’ve heard this is not secure.

Can someone tell me what kirby means by “writable”? What permissions are required to get this error to go away?



Writable by the Apache/web server user.

There are two things: Permissions and ownership, if you set your permissions to 755 and the files/folders are not owned by the Apache user, then you have to set your permissions to 777 to make it work. Since that is no good, use chown to set your files to www-data or whatever that user is called on your system.

Also remember that permissions must be set all the way down the folder tree. if the folder your website is in has the wrong user, but all your website files have the correct settings, it still wont be writable because the parent folder does not have the correct user or permissions.

You havent messed with the public_html, httpdocs, or public folder at all have you? If this folders user:group differs from the Apache/web server user, then none of the folders you listed above will be writable by Kirby.

You can also try zipping the site up, transferring the zip and unpacking it on the server using the file manager in your hosting control panel. The files should all get written with the correct permissions.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll give these a try.

Happy New Year.