K1 Permission problems

I had to put up a quick Kirby 1 site on a host I didn’t pick and now I’m running into this:

In panel there are some allerts:
The permissions in your content directory are not set properly. Please change the permissions for all folders to 0755 and for all files to 0666
Please add a thumbs directory to the main directory of your installation and change its permissions to 0755

At first panel couldn’t do anything, edit or new but when I changed the permissions like the suggestions above the panel was able to edit existing files. (the warnings are still in panel even after I changed the permissions?)

With those permissions set correct, panel is still not able to add new folders and files.

The hosting guys tell me all server settings are correct but panel still doesn’t work.

I’ve never encountered this on any server, anyone got an idea what todo?


Have you checked the permissions for the content folder itself?

Yeah, the content and thumbs folder are 755

Are those permissions for you, or the account your server software runs under? The folder may need to belong to (eg) www in order for those permissions to be meaningful.