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With the new version, is blueprint logic become a thing ? I mean, be able to use variables. For example : Set a default field value depending on another field value (if exist and if not empty), or using site config, custom dynamic value, etc.

I have a simple use case :
For SEO and Open Graph, i have some fields in site.yml with default values, and i have the same fields on all of my pages with these default values i’ve put for site but they are overridable.


Isn’t that rather a piece of logic that belongs in a template rather then in a blueprint? If page seo field is empty, use site seo field.


Yes, this was just a simple example. But being in fields is easier for editor (= often: client!) rather than in template.
But for the same use case we can go deeper : Create tags for these variables, and use these tags as well in the site fields, and then re use them or not, and in a different order on the page fields.

Remind that is was just a simple use case that i’ve think about, i’m pretty sure there are many other idea to do with this possibility :slight_smile:


Don’t think logic for default values is possible, but it should be quite easy to extend existing field to support such logic.


Does Kirby 3 include a one-click update system?


No, but a single-folder update system.

I still don’t think that updates should take place on a production system, but tested before it goes online.


That’s better than two folders.