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Good day! :slight_smile:

I’ve been testing and playing around with multiple CMS during the last days and Kirby just beat every other (for my use - case). Right now I’m about to purchase the required license, but struggle to decide on the personal vs professional.

Are there any information about the pricing of Kirby 3?

Can’t decide wether to buy just the personal v2 now or go full nuts on the Kirby 3 Pro License + Fellowship Package.

Or just wait and hope for a discount on the V3 - release :wink:

Comments? :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of website is it that you are creating? The personal license is only right for very restricted use cases, anyway.

But apart from that, all lKirby 2 Pro licenses bought after October 2017 qualify for a free upgrade to Kirby 3. But if you are curious about what Kirby 3 is going to be like and want to support the process, then the Kirby 3 Pro License and Fellowship Package is of course the ideal solution.

the fellowship package is great, already joined a few live streams when bastian showed off some new things and explained things under the hood.

if kirby is your choice long term, go the extra mile. you also support development that way so… it only can get better :wink:

Heya! :slight_smile:

I’m creating a completely free and personal website for my students and my own education.
Will the theme I develop now be compatible with Kirby 3?
If not, are there a lot of changes required and shall I wait for an available beta before I develop my new page?


Kirby 3 will of course have a lot of new features, especially in the Panel. However we try to keep everything as backwards-compatible as possible, so a custom theme shouldn’t require that many changes.

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Decided to go with the Kirby 3 Pro License + Fellowship Package. Its just a great product, it supports the Dev and ensures that I do not break any terms by accidents. (Personal vs. Pro)

Cheers everyone for the help! :wink:


Looking forward to seeing you on Slack :slightly_smiling_face:

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