Licenses... question

hey there… little question:
on my personal website i am still on kirby 1 license… currently i don’t have time to update the personal site… so i am triggered by the tweet of today, saying:

Investment pro tip: our licenses are currently on sale. Buy them now, save 20%, use them right away or later – whatever works best for you

buuuut… as far as i know… the kirby 3 license is only for kirby 3… but not for kirby 4 in future…

now the “wirklich nervige” question: is it possible to estimate the release circle to forecast a possible time-range for kirby4-release? =)

stoning incomming

What’s the dilemma? Do you want to save 20% now and use the license later?

Why not wait until you actually have time to upgrade your site and buy a license around that time? There’s a 20% sale every few months. I reckon a Kirby 3 + 4-Upgrade would be about the same as a Kirby 4 standalone (whenever it’s coming)

yeah… the dilema is the 20% and not knowing, when i get time to use the license =)

Well it’s a gamble then :smiley:

I would wait in your position until you want to go online with the new page (and grab a discount license around that time).

Upgrading the liscence from Kirby 3 to Kirby 4 (whenever that happens) will likely be very resonably priced. I know thats the case for an Kirby 2 to Kirby 3 licence upgrade.

Even if you wait and had to pay the extra 20% would that not be better than buying now to get the 20% discount and then also having to pay an upgrade price?

If you are still on 1 and don’t have the time to upgrade then I would say wait. You can still do the upgrade offline without having to buy a new license, once you are really ready then buy.