Kirby 4.0.0-alpha.4 is here

Today, we released Kirby 4 Alpha 4. You can download it from here:

Kirby 4 Alpha 4

Keep your issue reports coming…

Missed all the new features? Check out the Kirby 4 release page:

This is also a quick reminder that our sale is still running until next Monday (July, 10). Be quick and get a couple heavily-discounted licenses :slightly_smiling_face: Buy | Kirby CMS :shopping_cart:, also valid for Kirby 4.


Hi Kirby team!

Thank you for this. Is the 20 % off (the sale at the moment) the same offer for persons who need to upgrade their Kirby 3 license or is there some other offer I’m not aware of? I thought I may find details under but that’s not the case.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,

What price do you see when you click on buy?

Kirby 3
79,00 € + VAT 15,01 €
=> Total 94,01 €

Hm, I don’t really know. That looks like an upgrade from v1 though, because v2 to v3 is a lot cheaper, I think?

I think I just do it completely wrong. I checked the price here: Buy | Kirby CMS > Press “Buy Kirby” and then I did enter my email address and postal code. Afterwards I was 1 step before doing the payment.

Is there some other way to pay for an upgrade? It looks like if I buy a new license with zero context to my data in Kirby is the CMS that adapts to you but there is no way to buy anything. This is my first license upgrade so likely I don’t understand the process here.

You should see an upgrade button in the license hub that would then bring you to the checkout form.

If you go to Buy Kirby, you buy a new license, which is currently 79,00 Euro + VAT (normal price 99).

You cannot upgrade a Kirby 3 license, because we do not sell Kirby 4 licenses yet.

I try to upgrade my Kirby 3 license. Neither at the overview of my licenses nor at the details of a license I have any kind of upgrade information, button or something else. I just checked this in Firefox and Edge. Nothing there.

Ok, I see. This is the issue then and I have no Kirby 2 licenses.

So I can expect that the Kirby 4 upgrade price is lower than the sale it sounds like? Then I’m fine with this.

Sorry, I somehow missed the Kirby 3 information part in your first post.

There are no upgrade prices for Kirby 3 to 4 yet, so I cannot give you any information on that. But we always have fair upgrade prices and that will not change in the future.

Ok, for anyone else coming here and asking themselves the same question: Should I buy or should I wait? Freely translated reply from Basti on Mastodon

Upgrades from Kirby 3 to Kirby 4 will definitely be cheaper than the current 20% discount during the sale. To us, it important that the upgrades take place. But we don’t have any upgrades available yet. The upgrade is free for all newly purchased Kirby 3 licences

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Thank you for this and sorry for spamming the thread. Knowing this makes me more relaxed. I was a bit worried about the issue I had with the website and not knowing whether and for how much I need to upgrade. This is solved now and sounds fair to me.