Kirby 2 vs. Kirby 3 Licenses

Am I correct that Kirby 3 licenses should begin with K3-…?
Somehow a client managed to buy a license yesterday starting with K2-PRO-… – and this license is not accepted by the panel. My guess is they saved the Fastspring link a while ago and just used it for their order.

If I remember correctly, the license updater was filled with old licenses the day before yesterday.
So how do I upgrade this license?

Bastian will look into license stuff today.

So should we just wait or contact Bastian directly via e-mail?

I can’t really answer that, I’d wait a while to see if there is a general solution, because you are not the only one with this problem, unless you are really desperate…

We’ve got a week until the site launch. But the client is getting a bit nervous because of the “unregistered demo” dialogue in the panel :smiley:

Nothing to worry about and no need to hurry.
Just wanted to know the correct procedure.

We’ll just wait.

I’m having some questions regarding licenses as well:

  1. maybe obvious but I couldn’t find a simple answer somewhere: do we need to purchase a completely new license for projects that already have a Kirby 2 license?

  2. if that is the case, is there any special upgrade deal (I’m not talking about the launch discount of 10€) for users that just want to upgrade from version 2 to 3, or do we need to pay the full price?

Check the bottom of the purchase page.

It’s the first FAQ.


Thanks… guess I should have scrolled down a bit :grin:

Could somebody please tell me how much it is to upgrade from v2 to v3?
I – as the developer – would like to make an informed decision if it is worth it, before I contact my clients about it. With the current system the client (as owner of the license) needs to look it up via their license key themselves.

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Do you mean the effort it takes or the price?

Regarding the effort it takes: See our changelog as well as our upgrade guide.

Regarding the upgrade price: The upgrade is free for licenses purchased after October 2017 and €39 / $45 for Pro licenses purchased before October 2017.

Both in combination.

Thank you, this is the information I was after. I think others would find it helpful as well, if this was posted somewhere and you would not need your clients to look up the information for themselves.

Edit: And last, but not least: this is a very generous upgrade policy that does not need to be hidden away from the user. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback, I have opened a GitHub issue about this.

We actually had it on the site while developing before we came up with the upgrade center, but you are right that we should have the prices somewhere publicly as well.

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How will the the free upgrade be handled? Is this upgrade also available via

Yes, once you have entered your email and an order ID, you will see all your licenses together with your upgrade options, including the free upgrades. Then just click on the Upgrade button and follow the instructions.

Are all types of licences are covered by that or only certain types? (Mainly are personal licences also included in the free upgrade?

Personal licenses don’t get a free upgrade, only Pro licenses bought after Oktober 2017. The upgrade price for Personal licenses depends on whether you bought your Kirby 2 personal license before or after October 2017.

Thank you for your reply!

Now I wish I would’ve bought a pro licence directly last December.
I guess I got confused by the wording on the old website that stated “We also promised to upgrade any Kirby 2 license that has been purchased after 1 October, 2017 to Kirby 3 for free!”.

Oh yes, sorry, that was misleading, we were always referring to PRO licenses (or intended to do so). The personal license has a fair upgrade price of €59/$70, so it doesn’t make such a big difference.

Thanks for the reply. Guess the information was really misleading here. However the free upgrade for every license was also mentioned throughout several blog posts back in October 2017, e.g. here

That was actually one of the reasons I bought my Kirby 2 personal license on October 13th 2017. I have never actually used it live, because my plan was to wait for Kirby 3.
I hope this gets resolved.