Buy Kirby 2 licence

Hello, I see that with the arrival of K3 there are options both to purchase the K3 license and to upgrade an existing license K2 to K3. What I have not seen is the option to buy a K2 license.

I have been working on a project in K2 for a while and I had the intention to buy the license at the time of publication, but now I can not. For now, the project will not be updated to K3 so that without a valid K2 license I am forced to stall this project. Is there any way to buy a K2 license?

Good question, please get in contact with

I already got in touch, I still have not received an answer but I understand that with the new release you will be very saturated so it is normal. As soon as the doubt is resolved, I will publish the answer for others who may have the same doubt. Thank you!!

Bastian is indeed very busy with support requests right now. But we will definitely find a solution. Until then you may use Kirby 2 without a license. :slight_smile:


Hello, I came here with the same question without answer so I contacted support too.
For the record, Bastian said a v3 license will also work on a v2 Kirby installation.
Simple and perfect, it allows me to use V2 and upgrade to K3 when I feel like. :slight_smile: (like any V2 license bought shortly before the V3 release)

Visibly this part remains undocumented, here’s what I figured out :

  • Kirby V3 licenses look like K3-PRO-xxxx. Kirby v2 doesn’t recognise them.
  • In K2, it says valid V1 license entering only the xxxx part.
  • In K2, it says valid V2 license entering K2-PRO-xxxx (K3 replaced by K2).