Follow us on our journey to Kirby 3

Hey everyone,

those who already subscribed to our Kosmos newsletter might have read it. We are starting a very special experiment today. You can follow and support our journey to our next version of Kirby.

We are very excited about this and can’t wait for the next weeks!!



Done! Happy to support the team and I’m looking forward to see Kirby 3 a reality :slight_smile:


Very excited. Any idea what the timeframe on this is? Months? Years?

Most likely months. Definitely not years! :slight_smile:

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And done! Very interesting experiment, and always happy to support the team :smile:


Done. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! More than happy to support you :smiley:


Great this! I would love to show my support.

One question I have… I have a Personal Licence (not a Pro Licence) at the minute, I just want to know if I commit to buying this:

Kirby 3 Pro Upgrade + Fellowship Package
Upgrade your existing Kirby 2 Pro license to a Kirby 3 Pro license before Kirby 3 even exists and follow us along the way.

Will I get a Kirby 3 Personal Licence when it’s ready? :+1: Or Will I get a Kirby 3 Pro Licence? :+1::+1::+1: Or are you plaining on discontinuing the Personal Licences… and I don’t get anything? :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks Rob

Hey Rob,

very good question. We don’t offer a personal upgrade package for Kirby 3 so far, because we haven’t decided on the pricing model for the personal licenses yet. I’m afraid you can’t simply turn your personal license into a Kirby 3 Pro license with the upgrade. That would be a pretty miserable calculation for us.


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