Kirby 3 – ask us anything!

It’s taking us much longer than expected to launch Kirby 3 and we realize that you probably have lots of questions around the new version and how to plan your future projects. We wrote a little article in our blog and this thread is intended as an extension of that for even more questions.

We can’t promise to be able to answer everything immediately, but we will use this thread to keep you updated regularly.


Why are you so amazing?


A few months ago, you mentionned that it would be possible to create a graphql api with Kibry 3. Is that still in the scope?

(I am in the kirby@next slack, but I didn’t follow all the conversations)

Not out of the box. We ditched the graphQL Api a couple months ago, because it turned out to be not such a great fit when it comes to updates and it felt weird to mix it with REST endpoints. But of course it’s still an option to create a graphQL plugin later.

The Kirby Page Builder is a great plugin. Will Kirby 3 provide a similar function out of the box?


This is the question I wanted to ask for as well :slight_smile: It should be great if we can build pages with components/block like Statamic cms does. Is this possible with Kirby 3?


I asked that at the workshop in Dusseldorf too. Bastian said, it is planned for a later V3, but not for the start.

How is the user experience going to be for the new Kirby 3 panel? I’ve had issues with clients being confused by current panel before.

@PaulMorel Oh really? In what way?

I purchased a V2 license in January 2018 and would like to access the alpha and beta versions of V3. Is this possible when I buy the support package for 29 € or must pay 49 €.
Thanks in advance for any reply.



Your license will be upgraded for free, so if you want to follow along the development of Kirby 3, the Kirby 3 Fellowship Package for 29 € is what you need. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank your for the openness - it’s truly appreciated, and it really shows how much you guys care for your customers. :heart:

Just wanted to ask whether Kirby will remain an exclusively flat-file CMS, or whether there are plans for native integration of any sort with a database backend? Asking because the only occasions when we have to use something else other than Kirby is when we have projects where the client has a few thousand records. For those, we end up going to a database-based CMS (which we don’t like) simply because of the ease and speed of indexing, searching, etc… :frowning:

It would be fantastic if we could ditch everything else and focus solely on Kirby!

Edit: just thought of another couple of questions…

Q) Will we get Page Sections/Modules as first-class citizens in the sidebar, as described in this feature request?

Q) With the upcoming support for installation via Composer, will the KirbyCLI be retired?..


There are definitely plans to inject content from other sources (like a database) into Kirby’s page structure. With the way we structured Kirby 3’s source code, that will be much simpler.

We most likely won’t have this feature in 3.0, but it is definitely planned for the future. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to spoil anything, but yes. Just not in the way you think, but even better. :wink:
If you want to try it out, check out the alpha in our Kirby Next project.

The survey in the CLI thread showed us that not many users use the additional features of the CLI, so I’d say it makes the most sense to retire the CLI and focus on the features our users need the most. As we wrote in the CLI thread, we are happy to support the development of a new and improved Kirby CLI in the hands of the community.


Will we still have ‘kits’ in Kirby 3 - ie., ‘starterkit’, ‘plainkit’, ‘languagekit’ - or will we have to do super complicated and esoteric Composer stuff?..

There will still be downloads, we won’t force people into using Composer. Even the Alphas are available as zip files…

OMG. @texnixe is way too fast :slight_smile: Yes. There will be downloads and kits.

I usually refer to @texnixe as ‘SuperKirbyGirl’ - 'cause her responsiveness is nothing short of superhero-like!

Question: Will Kirby 3 be able to be more easily installed into Nginx-only servers - i.e., servers that cannot use an .htaccess file?..

Not in the middle of the night, though :wink:

And this is one of those questions I can’t answer…

Nginx servers always need server configuration, so it can never be as simple as using Apache. But as Kirby 3 will have an included Panel route that can be configured in the Kirby config, you will need one less rule in your server configuration.

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